Abbreviated Chronology (Edo Period)

1644   Matsuo Basho was born in Iga City, the second son of Matsuo Yozaemon.
1656 Age12 Death of his father.
1662 Age18 Entered the service of Todo Shinshichiro Yoshikiyo. From this time was taught haikai by Kitamura Kigin from Kyoto.
1666 Age22 Death of his master, Todo Yoshitada.
1672 Age28 Dedicated his collection of verses, Kai Oi (Shell Matching) to the Ueno Tenjingu Ueno Tenjin Shrine, Moved to Edo. (present-day Tokyo)
1675 Age31 Changed his pseudonym from Sobo to Tosei.
1677 Age33 Became a haikai master.
1680 Age36 Moved to his hermitage in Fukagawa (Afterwards called the Basho Hut).
1682 Age38 First used the pseudonym ‘Basho’. His hermitage was destroyed by fire.
1683 Age39 Death of his mother in Ueno. New Basho hermitage was built.
1684 Age40 Returned to Iga to pay his respects at his mother’s grave. Basho visited Nagoya to attend a haiku gathering, passing through Yoshino and Ogaki.
1685 Age41 From Iga, he returned to Edo, passng through Nara, Kyoto, Otsu and Nagoya, including the Kiso route, depicted in the Nozarashi Kiko (The Records of a Weather-Exposed Skeleton).
1686 Age42 Composed the famous haiku: 古池や(Furuike ya) 蛙飛込む(Kawazu tobikomu) 水のおと (Mizu no oto)

The old pond-a frog leaps in, And a splash.

1687 Age43 Returned to Iga to hold a memorial service for his mother and father.
1688 Age44 Journeyed to Kyoto, passing through Yoshino, Suma and Akashi, depicted in the Oi no Kobumi (The Records of a Travel-Worn Satchell).

Afterwards, Basho returned to Tokyo, staring from Nagoya and passing through Kisoji, Shinanokunisarashina and Zenko-ji, depicted in the Sarashina-Kiko (A Visit to Sarashina).

1689 Age45 Set out on a journey to Oshu. Arrived in Ogaki, after travelling around the Tohoku region and northern provinces of Honshu.

Travel journal Oku no Hosomichi (The Narrow Road to the Deep North).

Stayed in Iga, Kyoto and Otsu.

1690 Age46 Returned to Iga. Afterwards, stayed in his hermitage in Otsu, Genju-an (Unreal Hut).
1691 Age47 Stayed in Rakushisya (House of the Fallen Persimmons),Kyoto. Sarumino (The Monkey’s Cloak) was published. Returned to Edo.
1692 Age48 The third Basho Hut was built.
1694 Age50 Completion of a full copy of The Narrow Road to the Deep North. After returning to Iga, Basho arrived in Osaka, passing through Nara. He fell ill and died in Osaka.

Copy translated from Matsuo Basho, Characters in Japanese History, from Shogakukan.