Discount ticket for 3 Basho facilities

Explore historic sites associated with Basho.

Discount tickets for 3 Basho facilities, Basho’s birth house, Minomushi-an hermitage and the Basho Memorial Museum, are available. (individuals and adults only)
We recommend this ticket to visitors to Iga Ueno.

750 yen tax inc., for individuals and adults only
(All 3 tickets bought separately will total 900 yen.)

To visitors

* Tickets are not refundable.
* All 3 facilities open from 8:30 am to 5 pm with last admission at 4:30 pm.
* If you buy a ticket but plan to visit later, please check to make sure your visit doesn’t fall on an unscheduled holiday.
* It takes approximately 20 minutes each to visit these facilities, so you will need over 1 hour in total.